The Archive is structured using three tables:

Table Data
card contains all the cards stored in the Archive
section contains all sections stored in the Archive
relation contains relations between cards and sections

Relation management is automatically done by the Archive, so you should not need using it directly. It is simply used to determine what cards belong to which section (if any) and what sections a card is present in.


Card objects are the ones used to represent the relevant information, their structure is as follows:

Field Type Data
id int unique id of the card in the database
title str unique title of the card
desc str small description showing the contents, or topic, of the card
content str main text of the card, may be several lines long
tags str whitespace separated words that will be used when searching
modified timestamp timestamp of the latest modification of the card
modified_by str displays who has performed the latest modification and is completely optional


Sections are far more simple in comparison:

Field Type Data
id int unique id of the section in the database
name str unique name of the section


Relations are formed by a unique composite key using section id and card id.